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Deleting Module and Directory

Carlos Gonsalez (37417) | asked Jun 12 '18, 6:26 p.m.

Background: In DOORS Next Generation, I've created a 2-tier directory structure that is laid out as follows:

  • 1st Tier - Main Document
  • 2nd Tier - 4  subdirectories under the 1st Tier directory. 
                    Each Subdirectoy held one module
There have been times when I imported a Main document incorrectly. 
Tried to delete the 1st Tier Module by itself, DOORS NextGen would not let me delete the Module itself.

Found that to re-import the Main document, I had to delete the 1st Tier Directory Itself:
Which Deletes the 1st tier directory, the 1st tier module, and all imported 2nd Tier modules, and eventually deletes
all of the 2nd Tier directories.

This is a surprise since I have full System Administration Rights.

Is there alternative means of deleting any module from the Tier 1 directory
without blowing away the 2nd Tier subdirectories and their respective modules?

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Carol Watson (71015) | answered Jun 13 '18, 9:19 a.m.

 Hi Carlos,

The method I use to delete a module is:

  1. When you import a module, DNG creates a folder in which it stores the base artifacts.  Delete all of the base artifacts from that folder first.
  2. Delete the Module.  Since the Module is itself an artifact, deleting the module without first deleting the base artifacts only deletes the Module artifact, not the artifacts in the module.
I think this may be why you thought the module did not properly "delete", because you still had all of the base artifacts after you deleted it?  If instead you're saying you did not have a "delete" option for the module, and you're signed in as a System Admin, then I'm not sure what's going on because you should have full authority.  I tried it just now and when I deleted the module, the module artifact went away but the base artifacts were still there, as expected.

Good luck,

Carlos Gonsalez commented Jun 15 '18, 6:26 p.m.


 Thanks for the feedback...I'll get your suggestion a try on Monday!
Enjoy the weekend!


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