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Create Excel-Config for Category-Values

Patrick Reiter (112) | asked May 22 '18, 6:23 a.m.
edited May 24 '18, 8:24 a.m.


I'm very new to this and I'm struggling with some basics.
-> How do I map columns in Excel to Categories in RQM?  SOLVED (see comment below)
-> How can I prevent the RQM to create new categories?

We have:

  • A RQM with TestCases
  • custom Categories (already created)
    • no SubCategories
    • some are MultiValued
    • some are "Required"
    • some have space characters in the name
  • An Excel with many TestCases and columns for each Category

We want:
  • Import new TestCases from Excel to the RQM

I already found:
  •   Sample "Categories and Types"
    • Is this used to create new Categories in RQM? (Or is it necessary for the importer Add-In?) 
  •   Sample "TestCases 001 with custom attributes" 
    • Is this the sample I'm looking for?
  •   Documentation

Many thanks for any advice or direction you could provide.


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Patrick Reiter (112) | answered May 24 '18, 8:09 a.m.

I found a solution. This is how my config looks now:


testcase.category term="Function".value=D
testcase.category term="Test Phase".value=E
testcase.category term="notExisting".value=F
The column "F" contains a category which does not exist in the RQM.
After uploading the Excel file, the new category "notExisting" is created in the RQM automatically.

-> How can I prevent the RQM to create new categories?

If the user has a typo in his Excel I want to see an error message or something...

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