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RQM 'Categories'

Zenon Kluczny (113) | asked May 21 '18, 5:59 a.m.

 Hi, i am new to RQM.
I would like to set Test Case Record 'Categories' RQM field (which are set as required in my project) using LYO Automation Adapter sample.

I cannot find any info about Categories in OSLC. Any tip would be very helpful. 

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Elohim Arranaga (2461) | answered May 31 '18, 3:55 p.m.

 Hello, you can add or remove categories using the "category" property in oslc:

Extracting the category property from one of my test resources as example: 

Which is composed as follows: 
rqm_qm : QM namespace:
category:  property 
_ : separator
OrhbUF-QEeiDFbbbbvpVMw:  uuid of parent category type
resource: category value taken from rest api and ending with "#"

Hope this helps. 

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