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Jazz Report Builder shuffles the bars in a bar chart

Peter Turvey (99236) | asked Mar 21 '18, 8:08 a.m.

If I create a report using the Report Builder I make my selections using the wizard and get a couple of columns in a bar chart, one is called "Planned Work" and the other is called "Actual Work".

On the "Format Results" page's "Format" panel I can see these two bars in their bar chart.

I then go to the Advanced section of the "Format Results" page and edit the SQL to get a third bit of data called "Monday". The "Validate Query" button is happy with my SQL statement.

Back on the "Format Results" page's "Format" panel I can now see three bars : "Planned Work" = 189 hours, "Actual Work" = 84 hours and "Monday" = 14 hours. Which is all as expected.

But if I select "Run Report" I get "Monday" = 189 hours, "Actual Work" = 84 hours, "Planned Work" = 14 hours.

Does anyone know why it has mixed up the results ?

Peter Turvey commented May 22 '18, 4:37 a.m. | edited May 26 '18, 6:28 p.m.

I am still seeing this problem so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas.
I am using the "VW_TIMESHEET" and "VW_REQUEST" views to get information on the work done for a particular Timeline Iteration.

If I use the Report Builder, make some selections and then do some editing of the SQL I get the information I require.

On the "Format Results" tab I have a bar chart with four bars :
Coding Hours = 22, Documentation Hours = 2, All worked hours = 48, Investigation Hours = 24
This is what I expect to see.

But when I "Run Report" / Graph View I get :
Documentation Hours = 48, All worked hours = 22, Coding Hours = 2 , Investigation Hours = 24

After a couple of minutes I cleared the cache and did as "Run Report" / Graph View again. This time I got :
Investigation Hours = 48, Coding hours = 22, Documentation Hours = 2 , All worked Hours = 24

And, of course, when I publish the report and display the widget (view as Graph) on the dashboard it shows these erroneous values.

The "Run Report" / Table View is ok. I.e.
Coding Hours column adds up to = 22, Documentation Hours = 2, All worked hours = 48, Investigation Hours = 24

Has anybody got any clue what's going on ?

Peter Turvey commented Jun 28 '18, 7:29 a.m. | edited Jun 28 '18, 1:51 p.m.

Just wondering if anyone's got any ideas about this problem I've been seeing where the bars in my Jazz Report graph get mixed up.

I drew a pretty picture to illustrate the problem described in my earlier posts but unfortunately I'm not allowed to post images  because I am new to the forum.

But in a nutshell, everything looks fine in the "Format Results" window but when I hit "Run Report" the bars get mixed up. e.g. I've done 22 hours coding and 2 hours documentation but when I hit the "Run Report" button it shows coding = 2 hours.

Thanks  Peter


Peter Turvey commented Jun 28 '18, 9:23 a.m.

One more bit of information :

If I select "Run Report" and then View as = Table the results are good.
e.g. I am expecting two hours of documentation and 22 hours of coding and  I can see these rows in the table.

But when I select  "Run Report" and then View as = Graph I get a Coding Bar = 2 and a Documentation Bar = 22

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Kenji Sarai (96029) | answered Mar 21 '18, 9:05 p.m.

Hi Peter,

I have not seen same problem before, but generally it would be caused by cache in JRS. In Run Report, display it in table format and you will see a small cache clear button next to "Next". Click on this to clear the cache. Also try to clear cache for web browser as well.

Peter Turvey commented Mar 22 '18, 5:40 a.m. | edited May 26 '18, 6:28 p.m.

Thanks for the reply Kenji, it prompted me to look at the Table view in addition to the "View as Graph" option.
Anyway, after a bit of editing since my last post, and another day's RTC activity,  I currently have on the"Format Results" page's "Format" panel  :

I can  see three bars : "Actual Work" = 66 hours, "Planned work" = 146 hours and "Coding hours" = 22 hours. Which is all as expected.

But if I select "Run Report" I get  "Actual Work" = 66 hours, "Planned Work" = 22 hours, "Coding Hours" = 146
So I still have the problem : the top bar is OK, the second and third have got mixed up.

If I "View as Table" it all looks OK : i.e. Actual Work total = 66, Planned work total = 146, Coding Hours total = 22

I hit the cache button as you suggested but it didn't make any difference.

Have you got any other ideas ?


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