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eclipse and rtc plug-in versions

josep rius (2837) | asked Mar 16 '18, 7:58 a.m.
retagged Mar 16 '18, 1:56 p.m. by Michael Afshar (7014)


I have a simple question,
But it's incredibly difficult to find out an answer trough the caos of IBM sites and info fragmentation along articles, wikis, technotes, ...

Which version of rtc plug-in supports a eclipse juno 4.2.2?
As far as I know you can install a 5.0.1 from a p2 repo, without any problem
Can I install a 6.0.2 into the same eclipse (juno 4.2.2) base?

Is there, at any place, something similar to a table relating eclipse versions and plug in versions?
something like that,
Client and server version compatibility:

Furthermore, I don't find anymore p2 repositories at any page of releases

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Adam Wereszczynski (92811932) | answered Mar 16 '18, 8:43 a.m.
edited Mar 16 '18, 8:55 a.m.

Hi Josep,

P2 repositories are now listed in "plain .zip files" section in the "All Downloads" page for a release, under the name of "p2 Install Repository".

The 6.0.2 P2 repository can be found at:

Eclipse 4.2.2 is compatible with a wide range of RTC releases, starting with 4.0.3 up to the current 6.0.5.

If you want to check if a certain RTC version is compatible with Eclipse 4.2.2, you can generate a compatibility report in the below page:

There is no page which works the other way around (selecting Eclipse version and getting a list of supported RTC versions).

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kanjbala jawahar (601816) | answered Apr 04 '19, 4:23 p.m.

 Ah I assume, the data given like this kind of shows what version of Eclipse should be installed.

gives data:
Client for Eclipse 3.6.x IDE All (909.52 MB)
Client for Eclipse 4.2.x IDE All (1041.8 MB)

and similarly the download data for RTC 606 here gives this:
Client for Eclipse 4.4.x IDE

So I suppose we could infer in that way.

But it would be nice to actually have this:
(There is no page which works the other way around (selecting Eclipse version and getting a list of supported RTC versions). 

Also btw, I wanted to post the above as comment to the answer above, but could not, due to number of character restrictions. Just as fyi.

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