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JRS Role/Permission Concept

Marko Tomljenovic (31647109) | asked Dec 01 '17, 5:19 a.m.
retagged Jan 09 '18, 10:57 a.m. by Ken Tessier (84117)


in JRS there are regular users and so called ReportManagers available.
The defined ReportManagers can do more than the regular users in JRS.

What I am wondering is whether the JazzRepository permissions (user, guest, prj admin, jazz admin) have also an effect on which features a logged-in person is allowed to see/perform. By "features" I mean those actions that are related to an end user of JRS (that means related to creating, running report) and not the people running/operating the JRS application.

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Ken Tessier (84117) | answered Jan 09 '18, 10:57 a.m.

See Table 3 (Repository group permissions) in this help topic: Permissions.


Marko Tomljenovic commented Jan 09 '18, 11:06 a.m.

Hi Ken,

I already know the difference between the repository level permissions/roles and the project area specific ones. My problem is that JRS has no project area by definition and related to table 3 I have no idea whether being a JazzUser or a JazzGuest or a JazzProjectAdmin has any effect on JRS usage.

If the permission concept of JRS is somewhere documented I would be happy to read it (please provide link) instead of bothering you with many questions.

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