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Possible to export RQM Test Cases to xls, update 'Name' of Test Cases in xls, re-import into RQM ?

Christophe Lucas (86214948) | asked Jun 26 '17, 11:38 p.m.

 I am struggling to find how to format the .xls and .cfg file used by RQMExcelImporter utility to address this use case:

1. Create 5 Test Cases in RQM
2. Export these 5 Test Cases in xls
3. Change the Name of these 5 Test Cases in xls
4. By using RQMExcelImporter, re-import these 5 Test Cases so that the 5 RQM Test Cases are updated with new Name (NO new Test Case should be created)

Issue really seems to be: How does RQMExcelImporter .cfg/.xls identify the Test Cases 'primary key' so the correct Test Case is updated, and NO new Test Cases are created.

Any help appreciated, thanks

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Don Yang (7.6k21100135) | answered Jun 27 '17, 1:45 a.m.

Hi, Christophe

So the key from your question is not to create new test cases. In that case, you can consider using
keyword XLSArtifactID in your cfg to specify the external id for test case. If the external id is the same, it would "update" the same test case in RQM without creating a new one.

There are many sample cfg/xls in ExcelImporter install in which you can find XLSArtifactID is used. You can try to use
those samples and import into your RQM and see what happens.

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Christophe Lucas (86214948) | answered Jun 27 '17, 6:46 a.m.

Thanks Don !

So, I have used testcase.XLSArtifactID in my .cfg file.
IF I used RQMExcelImporter to originally create the 5 TCs, I can then indeed update these TC names in Excel, then re-import using the importer, and that will update the existing 5 TCs.
That's not yet what I was asking for, i.e. a case where (see 1. above) the 5 TCs were originally created in RQM (NOT via RQMExcelImporter). I have tested that, but the first import using RQMExcelImporter creates 5 new TCs all the time, i.e. does NOT update the 5 existing ones originally created in RQM.

So my question now is the same as in this forum post: XLSArtifactID Attribute for RQMExcelImporter i.e.: How to find(/assign) the XLSArtifactID attribute of(/to) existing Test Cases that were created in RQM (i.e. NOT via the RQMExcelWordImporter utility) ?

Don Yang commented Jun 27 '17, 8:14 p.m.

Sorry I misread your 1) Create 5 Test Cases in RQM.
If test case was created in UI, there is no external id concept for which you can use ExcelImporter to update anything on the same test case.
In your case, you may consider to use REST API to update the name. You can use any REST Client and PUT command to update the test case or try RQMURLUtility:

There are a number of discussion in this area(using REST API to update test artifacts) in for example, the below discussion is to update custom attribute but the approach applies. As you want to update the name of test case, if you can GET xml file of test case in which a name is there, then change it and PUT it back to update.

Christophe Lucas commented Jun 27 '17, 10:16 p.m.

Thanks again Don !

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