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DOORS NG: Contents, Primary Text, Name - what's the difference?

Adrian Haw (2741241) | asked Apr 25 '17, 5:08 a.m.

DOORS NG has: Contents, Primary Text, Name.

Sometimes the tool wants to have Primary Text, eg when importing from csv, sometimes Contents is displayed, eg in a view, in addition you can also have a Name for each artifact. What is the realtion between these 3? If I have a Heading artifact type does heading text land in Contents, Primary Text or Name or some combination of all 3. If an artifact is not Heading - the same question.


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David Sedar (2818) | answered Nov 01 '18, 10:21 a.m.

 I probably have the reverse problem, but perhaps the same solution.

We are using DNG 6.0.5 on the IBM SaaS environment for requirements management.,
We have several modules of Customer Requirement artefacts - one per original customer source document and need to be able to apply an ordering to say all the mandatory requirements in a report. 

To achieve this we populate the name field with an Index value in the form 'xx.yy : zzzz' (by importing a CSV),
where xx.yy is the schedule number and zzzz just an increasing integer. 

The Name field is correctly populated in the 'folders' view, and is displayed correctly in the hover-over windows, but displayed as the first <n> characters of Primary Text in the Modules view.

We can just about live with this behaviour, except that when an attribute is changed in an artefact the Name field 'reverts' permanently to the first <n> characters of Primary Text  when the artefact is saved, wrecking our sort order.

The artefact history shows the automatic change to the Name field happening at the same time as my manual  change to the attribute.

Can anyone explain whether this a feature or a fault?

Rosa Naranjo commented Nov 07 '18, 1:17 p.m.
I suggest you put this in its own forum post and include screenshots that demonstrate the issue.

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Matt Rosenthal (4817) | answered Apr 25 '17, 9:28 a.m.

In my experience, Contents and Primary Text are the same....whatever is in Primary Text shows up when Contents is displayed.  Name is a separate field which shows when viewing artifact links.  We have found that the Name and Primary Text fields can be synchronized or un-synchronized.  If synchronized, whenever you change the Primary Text (or Contents) fields, the name also changes.  You can tell that they are synchronized because the content in the Name field will have < > around it.  However, if they are un-synchronized, then any changes you make to Primary contents will NOT be reflected in the name field.  If you use artifacts for requirements like we do, this is undesirable, as I want to see the requirement accurately when viewing links.  To re-sync the two fields, you have to edit the artifact by opening it up, deleting the content in the Name field and then saving the artifact.  It will automatically re-populate the Name field with whatever is in the Primary Content field with the < > around it.  Another way to do it is CSV import/export (assuming you are on DNG 6.0.2 or better which supports round trip import/export). Export your artifacts in CSV with the Name and Primary Text columns showing.  Clear all the name cells and re-import the CSV , updating the artifacts.  viola!

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