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Migrate Work Items from one project to a new one, with different project template

Sascha Gebhardt (1728) | asked Mar 08 '17, 10:59 a.m.

 Hello all,

i was thinking to use a script to copy a bunch of different Work Items from one Project Area to a new one using the OSLC interafce. 
The new Project Area uses a different Project Template and has some differents regarding WorkItem types and Workflows to the old one.

The aim is to readout the WI's from the old Project, matching them to the new workflows and Types and migrate them into the new project. While thinking about this i had some points where i wasn't sure if it even works.

- What happens to Change Set's of a WI. Can i copy the link without any problems?
- Is it possible to copie the comments (user, date, and so on) into the new WI's?
- Is it possible to copy the history of the old WI's into the new WI's?
- Which kind of other issues could appear while doing this?

 I dont expect a complete solution to this topic. This is just a idea to test out the possibilities, and shall start a discussion. It would be nice to hear some Ideas or comments about possible issues or approaches.

Have a nice Day.

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Jim Ruehlin (79114) | answered Mar 08 '17, 5:10 p.m.

 You should look at Ralph Schoon's articles on exporting/importing work items. You can do this from the command line of RTC and output to a CSV file.  The articles should answer most of your questions. See:

Ralph Schoon commented Mar 09 '17, 3:45 a.m.

I think there is no real good answer to this question, unfortunately.
There is a button to move work items to another project area. that works reasonably well, but there is no customization that would allow to have a custom mapping.
There is but that is only working until Version 5.x - an ER is in the pipeline.

Export and import is not really a move - it is export and import 8). the imported items are new items, new ID and no history.

What you would probably want is some tool that does the move with a custom mapping.  One could likely create such a tool (e.g. as explained in the work item command line for the attribute migration), but the effort will be considerable.

Sascha Gebhardt commented Mar 09 '17, 10:31 a.m.

Thank you for the anwser.
I will have a look on that articles but i still wonder why there isn't any real solution for migrating WorkItems from one Area to another with some custom mappings.

I was thinking about DOORS classic and what kind of tasks we had to accomplish. Therefore I had the idea with the migration shown in the question and thought with a "new" Tool this will be implemented out of the box, but I guess this would just be to much :)

Thx again, have nice Day.

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