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Launching multiple compilations in parallel on zOS from RTC?

Philippe Waltregny-Dengis (11) | asked Jan 11 '17, 5:57 a.m.

Hi,does RTC allow to launch multiple compilations in parallel on zOS? If it does, how to do and/or configure it? Thank you. Best regards,Philippe.

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Hania Abd-El-Razik (262) | answered Jan 11 '17, 3:07 p.m.

Hi Philippe, 
Yes, you can do so, but the number of parallel builds you can run will depend on how many build engines you have set up, otherwise submitted builds will be queued until an engine becomes free.

To set it up, you should create multiple build engines in RTC (see: Creating build engines), and then add them all to your build definition (z/OS build settings).  When you request a build, an engine from the pool will be used (you can also manually choose which engine to use if you like). As long as your builds are using different engines, they will run in parallel.

Note, that unless you have installed/setup multiple build agents on your z/OS system, even if you have multiple engines in RTC, they will all be using the same agent on z/OS. This will make each build will run more slowly since than if only a single build was running.  You can install multiple agents on your z system and then create a corresponding agent for each in RTC to increase performance.

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Bruce Green (28624) | answered Jan 12 '17, 12:18 p.m.

 Depending on what you mean by "multiple compilations in parallel on zOS", you might also check out "Multiple process builds" support added in RTC 6.0.2 which allows you to use multiple Build Agent sub processes for z/OS dependency builds

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