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Can you configure if a work item template is usable in Eclipse vs. in Web? Web-made work item template is not visible in Eclipse...

Vicky Pagnaer (63230) | asked Dec 20 '16, 8:10 a.m.
We have one Project Area, and I've made a work item template in the web environment. It uses ${id} for the Summary field and both Filed Against & Planned For are set as variables. The work items in the template are linked to a Parent work item in this specific Project Area.

When I try to "Create From Template" using the web environment, this template is shown in the list and I can use it as expected. When I try the same functionality in Eclipse (right-click on Work Items | Create | From Template...) and I select this Project Area, I don't see my work item template in the list. 

When I check the Process Configuration, it shows all templates as expected. Furthermore, I've created all templates in the web environment. Some are shown in Eclipse and some apparently aren't. Is this configurable? Am I missing a setting somewhere? Or is Eclipse unable to handle the ${id}-variable and is that why this template isn't shown?

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Carlos Isacovich (59113) | answered Jul 14 '22, 7:42 p.m.

I usually create templates in the Web UI, but they appear in the Eclipse UI and they work fine in both environments. Perhaps your template has some error?

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