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DCC: what to specify as "A Relational Database DataSource"?

Luca Martinucci (1.0k285109) | asked Nov 14 '16, 7:46 a.m.
edited Nov 14 '16, 7:49 a.m.
I am working with DCC version 5.0.2.
I have already deployed and configured it, integrated it with the CLM applications and connected it to its own database.
I am a bit confused, however, by the "A Relational Database DataSource" section under the data sources page.
According to the guide, this is where DCC writes the metrics for the Data Mart, and I should provide the connection settings to the data warehouse database.
Anyway, the data warehouse connection settings are already provided in another page of the DCC administration site.
Is this necessary because the Data Mart database could be different from the one we use for the Data Warehouse?

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Francesco Chiossi (5.7k1819) | answered Nov 14 '16, 7:53 a.m.
Hello Luca,

it's correct, you need to specify the data warehouse database connection details in    
Rational Reporting Data Warehouse Database > "A Relational Database DataSource".
It's configured in 2 places because the one in the Resource Group Configuration page will be used to Read the data from the data warehouse for the Metrics jobs, and the one in the "Data Collection Configuration" page will be used to Write the data processed by the data collection for all the job into the data warehouse.

This can be a bit confusing, but was done with the purpose of keeping all the data sources together and the data warehouse is both the data source and the target in the data mart (metrics) jobs.

Best Regards
Francesco Chiossi
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Luca Martinucci commented Nov 14 '16, 8:03 a.m.

Thanks, Francesco.
Your answers are always very accurate :)

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Darren Coffin (1823) | answered Nov 14 '16, 8:56 a.m.
As a side note, in DCC version 5.0.2 you have to manually fill in the Relational Database Data Source, as you have noticed.  In version 6.0 and later, that information is filled in automatically for you during jts/setup.

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