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WebSphere version 8.5.5 question

Matthew Clark (10711347) | asked Nov 03 '16, 3:38 p.m.
Currently running WAS version
I'm about to do the upgrade to WAS

I noticed there is a fixpack for WAS version Java SDK installed on my system. Why is this included and do I need this installed?  It seems everytime I upgrade WAS, there is a new version of this JavaSDK.

This is what I currently have installed....

IBM WebSphere Application Server
Version (8.5.5009.20160225_0435)



    Version (
    Version 8.5.5009.20160314_1700 (8.5.5009.20160314_1700)
    Version 8.5.5009.20160311_1111 (8.5.5009.20160311_1111)
    Version 8.5.5009.20160318_1315 (8.5.5009.20160318_1315)

What do all of the***** versions mean?  Do I always just want to grab the newest in the sequence of numbers?

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Donald Nong (14.5k614) | answered Nov 06 '16, 7:25 p.m.
There is an SDK included in WAS and that's how you upgrade it. If you want to just use the original version of SDK that comes with WAS 8.5.5, you can leave out the SDK fix pack (but understandably it's a bad choice).

The list of fixes includes a fix pack with an extra APAR (the first one), and three seperate APARs (the remaining three). Below are the technotes for these fixes.

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