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Work Item Type, Tag or Process for Hot fixes.

Mahari Hill (4861163230) | asked Nov 03 '16, 11:52 a.m.
Hello all,

I know this has been asked before, but I just can't find it with the forum search. If you are post release, and you found a defect, how are you handling (with work items and project management) hot fixes? You have a Story, Defect, Task.
  • Do you keep these types and tag hotfix to the work item?
  • Are you creating a new work item type and linking to these work items?
  • How are you managing, after tests, when it's ready for deployment and actually in production?

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Ian Wark (79713450) | answered Nov 21 '16, 12:52 a.m.
Here is one idea..

If you find a defect, you create a new defect type work item for that issue and once it is resolved you apply it on the latest release. If you have a need to apply the same fix on a current version of the product, there is a test fix request work item, where that can be made. Given that the approval is made, the staff maintaining the existing code base would create additional maintenance item or task work items to back port the necessary change sets to the earlier version. Once the fix is prepared the test fix request status is changed to something appropriate like delivered. Then at a regular interval all of the fixes delivered in test fix requests can be rolled up and applied together.

The iFix system works something like this.

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