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RDP and intergrating JAZZ

Joseph Dale (12) | asked Oct 19 '16, 9:07 a.m.
 I have RDP 8.0.3 installed.
I am trying to install the JAZZ plug in. Everywhere seems to say do different things but not one of thos things work. I tried Help-> Install New Software-> Add But no matter if I select the ZIP or the unzipped directory I get the error message.
"No software is found at
file/c:/ of the CLM web installer for windows 6.0.2/. Do you wish to edit the location?"
I have tried just installing it and I end up with IBM Installer showing both products but neither product knows the other exists.
Where is there a good and working install guide that says how to install RDI/RDP and the JAZZ plug in?
I had found one that suggested various zips to down load but I can't add those features either....same error.
Any help would be awesome.
A little background:
I was thrown into this spot when our previous admin departed unexpectedly.  He left no notes, no install cheat sheet, no information how to administer, nothing. I still need to local the server or whatever that is connected to the AS400 repository of source and way more. I have no clue about JAZZ and have never used it before. No one here knows a thing other than well it's always worked before.
Are there any training manuals that might be helpful once I actually get this installed?

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Arne Bister (2.6k12832) | answered Oct 19 '16, 10:56 a.m.
usually it worked like this for me:
Install RTC Client with Installation Manager. Then install Rational Developer for P, making sure to select "existing Eclipse" - so the RDP plugins are added to the existing RTC Client.
It much depends on what version of RDP you have, what version of Jazz (can you log on to your Jazz server? If you try the "about", you get the version it is running) and IBM Installation Manager you need to use then.

You might find value in these readings:

There is a general overview over CLM (the core functionality based on Jazz) and an overview of Rational Team Concert, the product directly integrated with RDP and IBM i.

Please mark this answer as accepted if this is helpful to you.

- Arne

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