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How can I get the list of project areas and last modified date at the server level?

Maria Amalan (783248) | asked Oct 12 '16, 8:29 a.m.
Most servers need periodic maintenance, in order to archive project areas that are not being used and archive users who are not added to any active project area. With regard to this, I want to know:
1. How to get the list of project areas in a server along with the last modified date?
2. How to get the list of users who are not added to any project area?

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Antonio Napoles (2861) | answered Oct 12 '16, 6:54 p.m.

You can get the last modified time for a project area using this feed:


The problem is that modified field will give you the last time the project area itself was modified, that may be meaningless for you as users could have created/updated/read artifacts belonging to that project area and the update field will not be reflected for project area.
You can also find the members of all the project areas by using the following query:


hopefully the returned data could be filtered easily.


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Maria Amalan (783248) | answered Oct 13 '16, 3:39 a.m.
Thanks for your response Napoles. This information is definitely good to know.
But I actually need the last modified date when any kind of change was done in the project area, like artifact creation, updation, etc.

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