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Delta load configuration on DCC

Jorge Alarcon (411122) | asked Aug 15 '16, 3:52 p.m.

I would like to know where can I found detailed information about the Delta Load Configuration in DCC.
I've found that a full load is recommendable to rebuild the datawarehouse, in cases of DB corruption, I've tried doing this in a test environment and it works fine, but I tried in a production environment to see if a problem we are having with some bad data in reports gets fixed by dropping the DW and rebuilding it using a full load, but I see that the DW now is not as big as it used to be and the report is not showing data now.


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Grazielle Codogno (15316) | answered Oct 12 '16, 11:33 p.m.
Sorry Jorge, I've been out for a while.

About the DCC configuration, there's information here in the (articles)
and at IBM Official support page :

About the delta load configuration, there's no much detailed information on it, what I can tell you about it, it's a partial Load of data , depending of the version it can have more configuration (choose data to load) or from the last run.

Regarding your issue to rebuild the DW, i believe it's a different thing that your question on the Delta Load.

When you're going to rebuild, there's some important information you might need to be aware before doing it (like the size of DW , load time and even depending of the time of the data you might need to rebuild, if it'll be available or not.
If you would like to have more information over your case, I suggest you to open a problem record to IBM and investigate the reasons your data isn't showing as expected, ok ??

Let me know if you've further questions.

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Grazielle Codogno (15316) | answered Aug 15 '16, 5:54 p.m.
HI Jorge,

My understanding is that you're having some data discrepancy after you rebuild the DW ?
Which version are you using ?

Jorge Alarcon commented Aug 15 '16, 7:41 p.m.

Hi Grazielle

It's a CLM 6.0.1 with iFix 006

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