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JAZZ CLM staffing

Norman Dignard (356670121) | asked Jun 14 '16, 12:00 p.m.

Has anyone done an assessment of staffing needs in order to support JAZZ at a department/enterprise level?

I'd be interested to find out the finding of what your assessment revealed/recommended.

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Kenny Smith (302412) | answered Jun 14 '16, 3:29 p.m.
 This depends largely on the size of the organization, and number of users of the Jazz tools. There are primarily two major roles in management of such a system. 
  1. Systems Administration - this is the person who handles DR, server operations, backups, and upgrades. This can be handled by an in-house IT person with sufficient skills in managing LDAP, a Java EE server and a RDBMS system. In a large enterprise, this may be split among multiple people, but would not be their exclusive roles. 
  2. Project administration (Jazz admin) - this person would manage the project setups, user roles and permissions, and general configurations. This requires specific skills, prior knowledge of the Jazz tools, and knowledge of various DevOps technologies and methodologies. 
For a small organization, both roles can be outsourced to a reputable DevOps vendor for likely what would be less than the price of a full time equivalent. For a department or enterprise level organization, the key staffing need is the second one listed. You would likely need a Jazz Admin for every department, or at least every active department that would be working with the system. Certainly a skilled project/jazz admin could assist and manage multiple departments if they were small to medium sized. I would prefer to have someone come in to jump start this, educate the project/jazz admins, as well as any team leads and architects so as to distribute this across multiple people, and to ensure successful long term adoption. 

I'd recommend this presentation to understand how best to adopt the platform:

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