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Jazz Reporting service

V Niranjan (12545374) | asked May 23 '16, 3:40 a.m.

I am using CLM 6.0.1. I have a TASK which has a estimate of 0.5 hrs and Time Spent is entered as 0.5 hrs.

When I generate a JRS report it is shown as 0.00. Please let me know how to display the decimal values .

The SQL query modified for Planned and Actual Work is


Please let me know URGENTLY.

Niranjan V

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Kenji Sarai (96029) | answered Aug 02 '16, 8:52 p.m.
Hi Niranjan,

This is a product defect (reproducible in JRS 6.0.2) and APAR has been created: PI66786.

As a possible workaround, change the Artifact type to Quality Management or Requirement Management (instead of Change Configuration Management):
1. Create a simple new report using the Quality Management's test case artifact.
2. Go to the Advance tab and click Edit Query button.
3. Delete existing query and paste the SQL query that was created previously
4. Click Validate Query to update the variables in the Format section.
5. Go to Format section and set the variable type to decimal for both ActualWork and PlannedWork column.
6. Enter the name for the report and then click Save
7. Click Run and the decimal value will be shown in the Actual Work and Planned Work columns.

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