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In RQM, can we un-link all those failed and blocked test cases from the existing test plan to a new test plan

Venkatesh Prasad (21822) | asked May 16 '16, 11:39 a.m.

We are using RQM 6.0
One of our customers have asked us a question which we are finding it difficult to answer.

Our customer has about 100 test cases linked to a test plan called Test Plan A. Out of 100 test cases, 60 have passed and 40 are in blocked and failed state (TCERs and Test Case Results). 
Now, our customer have created a new test plan called Test Plan B and he needs all those failed and blocked test cases unlinked from Test Plan A and linked up with Test Plan B.

Is this possible ? Can this be done ?
If yes, can this be done at one shot. If yes, how ?

If I go to Browse TCER page and if I try to do that, it gives me the below error message

Some of the selected Test Case Execution Records have an Execution Result attached to them.
The Test Plan for such Test Case Execution Records cannot be changed.

Am I doing it right ?
Have I not understood the way the tool behaves or have I gone in the wrong direction?

Venkatesh Prasad

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Don Yang (7.7k21110138) | answered May 16 '16, 9:38 p.m.
Hi, Venkatesh

The behavior is how it works in RQM.
If those failed/blocked TCERs previous results are not concerned, you can

1) add those failed/blocked test cases into test plan B
2) in TCER view, select the target TCERs(failed/blocked) and then duplicate those TCERs, in the dialog, modify the test plan to test plan B which will create duplicated TCERs into test plan B.

Hopefully this helps.

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