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Error while configuration of server in Build Forge management console

Deepali Deshmukh (8913658) | asked May 03 '16, 2:02 a.m.
edited May 03 '16, 5:20 a.m.
Hi all,

I have installed BF 8.0 with BF agent on windows server 2012 . Management console works fine. I am running BF agent in user mode. I have my BF agent and BF console on same system. I am getting error when I test my server connection. its shows.

host: d-9392:5555
Agent Version:
Authentication: AgentMsgAuthSystemError
Status: Authentication failure
Duration: 0
200 HELLO - BuildForge Agent v7.1.3.6-0-0006 320 AUTH AuthRunningAs["Dev","KPIT",*WinSidUser] 320 AUTH AuthPriv["Lock pages in memory"] 320 AUTH AuthPriv["Load and unload device drivers"] 320 AUTH AuthPriv["Profile system performance"] 320 AUTH AuthPriv["Change the system time"] 320 AUTH AuthPriv["Profile single process"] 320 AUTH AuthPriv["Increase scheduling priority"] 320 AUTH AuthPriv["Create a pagefile"] 320 AUTH AuthPriv["Shut down the system"] 320 AUTH AuthPriv["Generate security audits"] 320 AUTH AuthPriv["Modify firmware environment values"] 320 AUTH AuthPriv["Bypass traverse checking"] 320 AUTH AuthPriv["Force shutdown from a remote system"] 320 AUTH AuthPriv["Remove computer from docking station"] 320 AUTH AuthPriv["Perform volume maintenance tasks"] 320 AUTH AuthPriv["Impersonate a client after authentication"] 320 AUTH AuthPriv["Create global objects"] 320 AUTH AuthPriv["Increase a process working set"] 320 AUTH AuthPriv["Change the time zone"] 320 AUTH AuthPriv["Create symbolic links"] 320 AUTH AuthFail[*AuthSystemError,"Dev"] CRRBF0158I: system error.
Unable to set user account to (dev).
Please check whether username and password in ServerAuth are right
CRRBF1387I: 4980: Services: Error Authenticating with Build
 Forge Services [BuildForge::Ex::APIException: CRRBF0115I: API: Missing required
 parameter 'engine.engineid'.].
Can't call method "Connection" on an undefined value at 

where Dev is the local user, using Dev's credentials I have logged in to the local system. I am using same credentials in for server Auth.
Can anyone guide me to resolve this issue.


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Pritesh Patel (12246) | answered May 03 '16, 11:09 a.m.
 Hi Deepali,

It seems that the Auth that you created may not be correct. I would double check that the username and password in the BF Management Console for the Auth that you are using, specifically, ensure that you enter the password correctly in both the "Password:" and "Verified:" fields. 

If this fails then I would run through the following items to determine where the issue could be:

If this is a Unix/Linux system, then you may want to also review the following technote which is a common issue we run into with PAM libraries:

I hope that the above helps. 

Many thanks,

Deepali Deshmukh commented May 04 '16, 12:56 a.m.

 Thank you Pritesh!!

I have verified my Credentials which are used for server authentication. BF management console is installed on windows server 2012 R2 .BF agent installed on windows 2007 and windows server 2012 R2.

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