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Exporting a Section of a module

Mark Fullerton (1012) | asked Apr 21 '16, 4:55 p.m.
 I would like to be able to export a section of the module e.g. (all of section 2 or all of section 3.4). We can put the section_number property into the column display of the module but we have not been able to find anyway to filter the module with the section_number. Is there anyway to filter the module by section_number?

Accepted answer

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Donald Nong (14.4k314) | answered Apr 22 '16, 1:39 a.m.
I don't know any existing way to use the section number. If you are for filtering, you can use tags.

1. Select all the artifacts of your choice.
2. From the context menu, choose Other Actions > Select Tags for ### Artifacts.
3. Choose to create a new tag. As it would be temporary, you can make it Personal, and as unique as possible, for example, your user name plus the current time - "mark201604221527".
4. Once done, the new tag should appear in the Filter by Tags section on the left.
5. Click on the new tag, and only the previously selected artifacts should be displayed now.
6. Use the feature Generate a Report for this View to export the selected artifacts.
7. Once the export is done, right click on the new tag, and choose Delete.

It's a bit clunky but it should work for you.
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One other answer

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Mark Fullerton (1012) | answered Apr 22 '16, 9:37 a.m.
 Another thought is to create an attribute for all the artifact types in a module  for section number and then run a javascript utility to populate the attribute with the section number ... this only works if the artifact is in only one module thou.

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