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try to use WorkItemAPIs For OSLCCM20 but can not find :/jazz, how to fix it?

jane zhou (1061068) | asked Mar 08 '16, 5:38 a.m.
 Hi All,
      My RTC version is 6.0.2 M2.
       I tried to access https://<server>:<port>/jazz/rootservices,  but I got response as "Context Root Not Found"
      Then I tried https://<server>:<port>/jts/rootservices and https://<server>:<port>/ccm/rootservices, both can trigger downloading a file.
       And I opened the files downloaded, I search for " ServiceProviderCatalog  " as mentioned as the following instruction for WorkItemAPIs For OSLCCM20 , but I did not find it. 

       And I have checked https://<server>:<port>/jts/admin, under Application Administration, I did not find any item related to /jazz there.

       So I am wondering whether I need to install something or enable something to make /jazz folder accessible?

how to use Work item service provider
  1.  The root document is exposed at  https://<server>:<port>/<app>/rootservices . In a typical RTC testbed, this is  https://localhost:9443/jazz/rootservices
  2. Fetch this document and extract the Change Management Catalog URL (pointed to by  rdf:about ) of the element  oslc:ServiceProviderCatalog  in
          <oslc:ServiceProviderCatalog rdf:about="https://localhost:9443/jazz/oslc/workitems/catalog">
             <oslc:domain rdf:resource=""/>
Best Regards,

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Shawn Maclaga (1963) | answered Mar 08 '16, 9:06 a.m.
I believe the default context root changed from /jazz to /ccm in 3.x.
For users using 2.x or newer versions that were upgrades from 2.x, the context root will be/jazz.
For new installations of 3.x or higher, the default should be /ccm

For reference on finding the ServiceProviderCatalog, have a look at
(note that still has the /jazz context root):

In the rootservices, you should see a section:
  <oslc:ServiceProviderCatalog rdf:about="">
    <oslc:domain rdf:resource=""/>

I believe this is the section you're looking for on your server.


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