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Rational Adapter for HPQC with Doors web access

David MICHEL (1471943) | asked Mar 02 '16, 5:46 p.m.
    Do you know if it's possible to connect DWA and HPQC via Rational Adapter for HPQC ?
I have tried to do it but I have the following message:
CRIHP0120E: An error occurred while creating a friend relationship for the remote application. Ensure that you've provided a valid root services URI, you've entered a valid administrator username and password, and a friend does not already exist for the Rational HP ALM Adapter. Errors can also occur if you type in an incorrect ID and password or the Collaborative Lifecycle Management server cannot connect to the Rational Adapter for HP ALM because of a firewall or invalid public URI root setting

My credentials seems correct. Do you know if this message means that DWA and Rational Adapter for HPQC is incompatible ?

Thank you for any answers

Best regards


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Howard Hsiao (5.5k17) | answered Mar 02 '16, 7:49 p.m.
The error means that establishing the friend relationship failed. The friend was not created on each side.

Please ensure that 
1. the rootservices URI for the Collaborative Lifecycle Management server is correct
2. the username and password for an Collaborative Lifecycle Management server administrator is correct. <--- you have done this
3. the public URI root settings for the Rational Adapter for HP ALM is correct
4. you can connect to the adapter from the Collaborative Lifecycele Management system

Have you tried to add the friend from the Collaborative Lifecycle Management administrative interface instead?

David MICHEL commented Mar 04 '16, 1:16 a.m.

Hello Howard,
    First thank you for your answer.
I have checked everything and all informations seem OK:
- rootservices URI to access to Doors Web Accesss (It's OK when I use this URI to connect RTC with Doors Web access)
- Login and password to access to Doors Web Access (It's OK when I use this URI to connect RTC with Doors Web access)
- URI to access HPQC: it's OK because the connection between RTC and HPQC works. Moreover it works with Doors NG. is there something special with Doors Web Access ?

I don't understand why you talk about "Collaborative Lifecycle Management" because, as for me, I try to connect Rational Adapter for HP ALM and Doors Web Access without specific connection with JAZZ platform.

What is "Collaborative Lifecycle Management administrative interface" ? is it JTS (jts/admin) ?

Thank in advance for your help.

Best regards

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