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Problem with RTC News Feed Widget and Jenkins RSS feed

Marko Tomljenovic (31649109) | asked Feb 26 '16, 2:52 a.m.
I want to add a "News Feed" widget to my dashboard that shows me the content of the "Build failed" RSS feed from a certain Jenkins Build.

After configuring the RSS feed URL I get the following error message: 

An internal system error occurred while loading the feed: Unexpected response from http://jenkins..../rssFailed. Expected a 200 response code, but got 403. Please check your server configuration.

For getting the RSS content in the browser a login to Jenkins is required.
Is there any way to configure the user credentials in the widget so that the content can be properly fetched?

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Ralph Schoon (63.3k33646) | answered Feb 26 '16, 8:08 a.m.
HTTP response 403 as you can Google means forbidden. Please check the feed URL you provide works in a browser.

This works for me in 6.0.1

Marko Tomljenovic commented Feb 26 '16, 8:19 a.m.

I can only see the feed content in the browser if am logged in Jenkins. If I am not then the feed URL cannot be opened in the browser.

Ralph Schoon commented Feb 26 '16, 8:22 a.m.

I can see the feed without logging in. I have security enabled. Please check if you can see the feed. I am not sure it is possible to provide a login with the feed widget.

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