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List of the "most current" of the current results of all Test Cases

Stefan Schmelz (5711821) | asked Nov 19 '15, 10:36 a.m.
edited Nov 20 '15, 2:53 a.m.
My customer has Test Cases linked to several Test Plans with Test Execution Records planned for different iterations per Test Plan.
Now they want to display a bar like the "Execution Status using TCER Count" but not against one or more Test Plans, but just one single bar showing the "most actual" verdict of all the actual results of a Test Case (ie over all the Test Case's execution records)

the example is:
-TCER A.I1 -> Failed 2015/11/01
-TCER A.I2 -> Passed 2015/11/02
-TCER A.I3 not run
-TCER B.I1 not run
-TCER B.I2 -> Failed 2015/11/02
-TCER B.I3 -> Passed 2015/11/01
-TCER C.I1 -> Passed 2015/11/03
-TCER C.I2 -> Failed 2015/11/01
-TCER C.I3 -> not run

2 Passed, 1 Failed (Passed: TC A I2, TC C I1, Failed: TC B I2)

Since they neither have RRDI nor JRS, they need to do that in BIRT.

Did anybody create a similar report?

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William Chen (31215) | answered Nov 20 '15, 11:26 a.m.
Hi Stefan,

Do you mean your customer wants to see or view all pending works on the test plan? If not, what is the expected results that you need to see?


Stefan Schmelz commented Nov 20 '15, 12:40 p.m.

Hi Will,

see the example above: the Result of the report should be the list of all newest results for a testcase. only if there was no result, we want to show not run.
Thus the customer wants an overview, if their entirety of test cases were executed at all anywhere and what the very last (in time) result of that was.
(Lets not discuss, if the underlying structure was wisely chosen...)

William Chen commented Nov 20 '15, 2:35 p.m.

Understand but I would verify these parameters: Iteration,  TCER State and Most Recent Iteration Only options. Also, try to find out the date for those not run TCERs. Were they created before 2015/11/02?

Stefan Schmelz commented Nov 23 '15, 3:03 a.m.

These guys ran alone for while. In a decent setting, I would agree, but:
1. nobody can rely on the last iteration being used for the latest result.
1a. there might be results in I(n-2) and I(n-1) and no result in I(n), with I(n-2) being most recently created. It is the date of the result, not the date of the TCER which counts.
2. some TCs might have been tested in I(n-2) and then not again, other in I(n-1), others in I(n).
The bar shall show 1 result per TC (if there is at least one) with the only rule, that it has the most recent date.
We are not interested in the TP, or the Iteration or the environment (only in the detailed report of course).

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William Chen (31215) | answered Nov 23 '15, 5:43 p.m.
You are right and this is a good one. I think OOTB reports will not able to generate those data points for you. You would need a custom report which I do not have one at this time.

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