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How to fix the issue where Build Forge adaptor can not find "jbe"

Chao Wang (235512) | asked Nov 18 '15, 3:05 p.m.
The build forge adaptor fails at locating the file named 'jbe'.
Build forge adaptor is trying to call jbe executable which does not exist in zLinux version of Build System Toolkit. Error seen as following:
-bash: line 4: /opt/jazz/buildsystem/buildengine/eclipse/jbe: No such file or directory
CLM 5.0.2
Build Forge

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Chao Wang (235512) | answered Nov 18 '15, 3:07 p.m.
This is because zLinux version of Build System Toolkit does not come with the jbe executable. Therefore to work around the problem we can create a symbolic link from to jbe on the build machine.
For example, from within the directory <install path>/buildsystem/buildengine/eclipse/
ln -s jbe

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