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What permission do I adjust if I'm trying to delete a category value from the trash in RQM?

Christopher Fleischer (7125) | asked Oct 28 '15, 1:58 p.m.
I'm getting the following error message when attempting to permanently delete a category value from trash.

2015-10-22 12:56:06,021 [WebContainer : 3 @@ 08:12 <unauthenticated> <Initial Page Load@3da92e6b-2056-4de5-9886-784f2a16df98> /qm/auth/authrequired]  WARN                             - TrashWebRestService$TrashHandler:purge AQXPR2503W You cannot delete this test artifact: "Category (_mh1SEndQEeWwjszW_ni5Ow)".$PermissonNotGrantedException: 'Save Category Value' Failed.  Permission Denied.</br>You don't have permission to perform the following actions:</br>  Permanently Delete (purge)

How do I permanently delete a category value from the trash?

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Christopher Fleischer (7125) | answered Oct 28 '15, 2:00 p.m.
To permanently delete a category value from the trash you need to do the following:

Go to the Gear when in the project and choose Manage Project Area.

Then click on Permissions.

Choose the role that you and your user are assigned for this project area.

Then scroll down on the right side to get to the section entitled Quality Management.

Expand the permission called 'Save Category Value'

Ensure that you have 'Permanently Delete' permission checked green.

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