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How to move build outputs instead of copy on a promotion in RTC Enterprise extensions ?

Ravikanth Chavali (401724) | asked Oct 07 '15, 12:58 a.m.
While using the promotion definitions from RTC Enterprise extensions, how can i move the build outputs instead of copying from source to the target libraries ? similar to cut-paste instead of copy-paste.

Thank you, 
Ravikanth Chavali

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Nicolas Dangeville (31632425) | answered Oct 07 '15, 9:11 a.m.
Promotion (with binaries) is really about 2 builds. Its purpose is to deliver sources & copy binaries to avoid to rebuild at the next level. There are many consistency checks to avoid to have binaries out of synch with the sources.

We have seen customers that implement some kind of additional processing on the binaries being promoted. The promotion process creates a promotionInfo.xml that can be used for such processing. You should delete binaries only if you're sure that you're not going to use the binaries with another workflow (e.g. packaging at dev or promotion to another build def).

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Dave Bellagio (2612) | answered Nov 09 '15, 12:36 p.m.
Most customers implement some form of "delete behind" logic that gets executed as part of the post promote process (or post build process if you are building at each stream).    It would be hard for the product to know what to do here as it depends on your life-cycle.  But, I suppose one choice could be to delete the sources and outputs of the previous stream (if they have not already been modified by new versions).

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