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Daily status for Owners and TCER's

Navneet Srivastava (17612) | asked Aug 17 '15, 6:24 a.m.
We are currently working on a release where we want to track on how many TCER point  has attempted, passed , failed etc ( complete point metrics) on daily basis. We also want to track this on the tester level i.e who is the owner and how many points he have attempted, passed, failed etc on daily basis .

Currently we are using RRDI report and OOB Summary report but that gives consolidated report till date.

Any idea ?


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Clara Forero (6212) | answered Aug 18 '15, 10:32 a.m.
Hi Navneet,

Since you are using RRDI, you could use directly the Metrics information included in the model.  For instance, Execution Work Item Metrics or Execution Work Item Metrics with Iteration can give you the total TCER's up to a date per project, test plan, iteration and verdict.  The Execution Result Points Metrics can give you the total points (attempted, blocked, etc) up to a date, per project, test plan and test case.  Using this information you can create a custom report that shows a trend and see the daily variations.

What I don't see on the Metrics is the Owner, so that information doesn't seem to be available at the TCER Metrics level.  If you want to add it, you may have to use the History Lookups to link a metric record with a specific execution record and extract from there the owners information.  The History tables are not always populated in the DW, so if you want to use this option, you may have to verify first that the tables contain data.

You can always contact IBM Support and they should be able to assist you, either by directly answering your questions or by forwarding them to the specific teams.

Thank you,

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