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Integration for RTC with Microsoft System Service Center Service Manager

Aaron Garcia (827) | asked Jul 23 '15, 12:09 p.m.
I am trying to see if there is any existing integration between Rational Team Concert and Microsoft System Center Service Manager (MSCSM). Our Help Desk uses Service Manager to log help desk tickets. For each Indecent Request (IR) they receive requiring changes to the network/application requires the staff to manually create a "Configuration Change" work item in RTC copying the information from service center. Not all tickets in service manager woudl need to be exported into RTC only a handful of types.

Having said that, instead of manually having to retype all of the information from Service Manager, it would be more effective and efficient if there was an integration or API that could create a work item in RTC from the work item in Service Manager.

This would reduce the the work involved and the risk of errors when  the data. Is there any preexisting information on this or on how to create an API from RTC to another product so that the data fields could be mapped and imported to the correct work item type and attributes

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Gustavo Reis (13927) | answered Aug 16 '15, 1:08 a.m.
Hi Aaron!
I doesnt know a existing integration between RTC and MSCSM, but there is some ways to do it:
  1. Jazz (the plataform under RTC) OSLC integration capabilities.
  2. RTC Java SDK
  3. RTC Rest API

See links below or search for more information:


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