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Can you embed attachments and screenshots in custom reports using RPE or RRDI?

Torin Denniston (15811) | asked May 05 '15, 1:53 p.m.

I working with my client to build a custom report that will be able to look at a defect in RTC, scan it for attachments, and embed those attachments in a report. The use case that makes such a report necessary is that my client has users that must review the screenshots or documents that are attached to a defect but their devices are restricted and will not allow access to Jazz. Therefore, they need to be able to embed the files in the report that is produced. Is this possible using RRDI or RPE?

We are currently using CLM v 5.0.2.

Thanks in advance!

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Thomas Mathews (10614) | answered Jun 09 '15, 9:50 p.m.
Hello Torin,

From my experience with using RPE the only link to the embedded object from CLM is displayed in the report output when attempting to generate a report with RPE against a CLM application that contains attachments.

Also, you may want to use the “Field” element in RPE and use a Link field  code (in ‘Properties > Formating > Specific > field code’) to insert this file as an OLE object.
Sample field code can be obtained from Word using the menu option “Insert > Field > Link”


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