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RQM Dashboard Widgets - Customization

VK L (8177153159) | asked May 04 '15, 8:21 a.m.
Hi All,
We are looking to customize the reports-design of certain built-in widgets -> Like changing bar-chart to pie-chart model and so on.
Is it possible to customize? Please advise.


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Jonas Studer (207917) | answered May 04 '15, 8:27 a.m.
Hy VK L,

Of course this is possible.
But my suggestion to this topic is: Write your own Widgets!
Those from IBM are mostly garbage and it's a lot of work to get into them.
But with a Widget you can do whatever you want...
The guys from Siemens started to do so!

This is a video about the "Timebox Planning Tool"

Here's the manual to create viewlets


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VK L (8177153159) | answered May 04 '15, 8:32 a.m.
Hi Jonas,
Thanks. I am looking to modify and existing report-viewlet design to dispay a different chart-design. So, i need to first go through the source to see how its designed and then i can either customize it or put in a new one.
Which package has the source and how is it reading live data?
Please advise.


Jonas Studer commented May 04 '15, 9:13 a.m.

Hy VK,

I guess you should think about what a Widget is.
It is like a separate Application which runs on the Jazz-Server with it's own code.
All Widgets are globally available due to it's ID's.
Widgets are created with the "Dojo Framework" (Javascript)

You have now 2 possibilities.
1: You can take an already existing Widget and manipulate it.
    But I don't recommend that! First I don't know about the license rules and second
    it's a bit dangerous, because it'll be overwritten with an RTC-update.

2: You analyze an already given Widget. And implement your own logic.
Charting with dojo (examples)

Dojo API

Dojo Diagrammer

Jonas Studer commented May 04 '15, 9:24 a.m.

How to find Code on already exising Widgets.

1: Install something like firebug

2: Open a Dashboard and add the wished Widget (E.g. About Me)

3: Change the URL (Add "?debug=true" in front of #)
    This will load the javascripts clearText.

4: Reload Page and watch the NET(XHR) Panel (Get-Request)
Something with "Viewlet" in it.

5: Now you have the ID of this Widget

6: Change to the "Scripts" Panel and search the ID
Et Voila you have now the Code
But be careful! IBM writed it's widgets with old Dojo code (Pre-AMD)

Jonas Studer commented May 04 '15, 9:35 a.m. | edited May 04 '15, 9:36 a.m.

How to read live data.
There are 2 possibilites too.

1: You analyze the server and how it gets it data.
e.g. The Client which handles the user things

2: You get your data through REST (XHR-Get)

Jonas Studer commented May 04 '15, 9:38 a.m.

How to get all Widget ID's

1: Install a REST Client (Browser Plugin)

2: Header:
    OSLC-Core-Version: 2.0
    Accept: rdf/rdf OR text

3: https://<server>/<application>/jfs/WidgetCatalog

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