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RQM 5 : Work Flow

Naveen Tyagi (19775152) | asked Apr 19 '15, 4:01 p.m.
I have been given a task to mapped work flow in RQM from given process flow chart.This complete process flow further  divided into three flow separately 'Test Procedure', 'Test Planning', 'Test Execution'. I have started mapping all these flows  one by one separately but here are some problems i am facing while doing this-
1. There are some of the activities  in every  flow which has nothing to do with RQM just like 'Check Environnement ', 'Check Hardware/Software', 'Execute Test case manually' ..... and many more. What to do with these states? how can i mapped this in order to complete the process flow?
2. There are some inputs coming from other teams[other flow] which is not the part of this flow to complete the action and move to the next state. how to deal with this since there is only one action to reach the next state but nothing like Input in the picture in RQM process flow.
3. #After Mapping all these three process work flow how can we connect to each other because in combined process flow output of a state is the input of the other state, just like if 'HW?SW not ready than it links with the state of the other process work flow to complete the 'set up for HW/SW'.  We can move from one state to another state in RQM in same flow but i am wondering how can we move to the other state of other flow?
i am in urgent need to understand this but not able to think. your help would greatly appreciated . :) :)

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Don Yang (7.7k21114139) | answered Apr 19 '15, 10:17 p.m.
2cs from me:
1) if the process flow is nothing to do with RQM, you may consider to use sections: test preparation, test case scope, test description sections, in which you can create a  task track.
2) I dont think RQM has the feature to combined the the multiple work flows if you mapped them separately. One option you may consider is to define only one work flow. In that work flow, you can set some state as HW/SW ready and HW/SW not ready. When it is ready, the next available actions/states will only be for the workflow mapping to the process flow under the condition of HW/SW is ready. When selecting HW/SW is not ready, then the actions and further states are available only for the process flow under condition of HW/SW not ready and so on.

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