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RTC scripts are not working in 4.0.3

Tushar Tarhane (13) | asked Feb 24 '15, 2:12 a.m.

RTC scripts are not working in 4.0.3

We have created the script in RTC version 4.0.1 and then we have migrated to version 4.0.3.

After migration to 4.0.3 for few days the script was working fine, but now but now it’s not working at all.

Also we have observed that scripts are working fine in other project ar4.0.3 eas but are not working for our project under same version 4.0.3

e.g. – For testing – we used same script in Project A (Test Project) and Project B (affected Project area)

Please let us know how we can run the scripts, any setting do we required ?


script is



dojo.require(""); // We need the stamp class to work with ISO date strings


(function() {

var WorkItemAttributes=;


dojo.declare("com.tssc.calculated.resource.teststatus", null, {


    getValue: function(attribute, workItem, configuration) {


                var releaseState = workItem.getValue(WorkItemAttributes.STATE);




                return releaseState;




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Ralph Schoon (59.1k23642) | answered Feb 24 '15, 2:50 a.m.
Since its first appearance the JavaScript attribute customization had to be enabled in the advanced properties of the server.
Script errors appear in the log files. The tool shows in the script editor if scripts have not been enabled (not sure since which version)

See: (lab 4)

for more information.

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