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Why the requirements cannot be seen in the folder even though they were imported in a module?

Deepak Gidwani (262731) | asked Jan 06 '15, 3:46 p.m.

The requirements were imported in a module (e.g. module name - XYZ). Hence these requirements should show up in the module as well as in its respective folder (e.g. folder name - XYZ artifacts).

However, these requirements are only being shown in the module and not in the respective folder. Since I am creating links, tags and views for the base artifacts, I would like to see these requirements in the folder.

Is there a way to get these requirements to show up in the folder?

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Dave Evans (14812846) | answered Oct 28 '16, 10:21 a.m.
We had this happen to us, too. We are not sure how, but we had a module with 693 artifacts and when you hovered on each artifact, no folder was shown, but it did show "Use in Module <Module Name>". If you opened the artifact, it only showed the module it was used in, and not the folder it was contained in. We could not find the artifact by id in the quick view search.

It is possible the containing folder tree was deleted, or something else we don't know... either way, we were able to fix it by going into Browse Artifacts, clearing all filters, and then adding a "Used in Module <Module name>" filter. Then we moved the artifacts into the desired folder...

Before we did this, we could not even find the affected artifacts by id in quick search. We discovered the issue of the artifacts not being on folders when we noticed team members we expected to be able to edit them could not. The cause was that the team ownership for the affected artifacts was incorrect. Since we wanted to edit the team ownership in bulk by the containing folder, we kind of needed them in a folder. So the solution was found by creating a view in browse artifacts to show all artifacts used in the affected module, hooray!

As an additional note... we were baffled that the module showed "690 artifacts" but the folder only contained "670 artifacts". The reason for this was because one artifact was reused 20 times in the module... so the module counted it for each reuse, but the folder only counted the artifact once.

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Jianoula Papadakis Kantos (16535) | answered Jan 06 '15, 4:15 p.m.
edited Jan 06 '15, 4:17 p.m.
Hello Deepak,
Happy New Year!
As I am reading this question I am thinking that perhaps you are browsing modules (Modules -> Browse Modules) instead of browsing artifacts (Artifacts -> Browse Artifacts)?  It is an easy mistake to make since the folders look so similar with both options. One difference is the message "No modules match the selected folder or filter"

When you imported, did you get the XYZ folder?  You are right. That folder should contain the artifacts that correspond to the module.

Hope this answer helps,

Deepak Gidwani commented Jan 06 '15, 4:20 p.m.

Hi Yianna,

When I created the module, a folder got created with "artifacts" word appended to it and then I imported the requirements into the module.

When I browse the module it shows 550 artifacts and when I browse the folder it shows 210 artifacts.

Donald Nong commented Jan 06 '15, 6:51 p.m.

Hi Deepak,
You can verify the containing folder of those "missing" artifacts by checking their path showing at the top when you display one of them in the page (bring them up by search by Id). If the folder is indeed the "xxx artifacts" one but you still cannot see them by browsing the folder, the data may be corrupted and you should contact Support.

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