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New Dev Line results in all users getting work assignment

Brian Wolfe (25613725) | asked May 19 '09, 8:30 a.m.
We have a single large project which has smaller projects that spin out of it with dependencies on the large project. The relationship is tight enough that we want to keep them in the same project.
When I add new Dev Lines and the appropriate team structures and iterations, the new dev lines show up in the work assignment for every user in the initial Main Dev Line. I would not expect that the teams not associated with the new dev line would have the new dev line show up.

This is 1.0.1 and I have over 1000 named users in the system -- whom have become quite confused by this.

Has anyone seen this? Is there a solution?
I have about 10 more dev lines to add and am not looking forward to the emails.

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