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"Date Added" behaviour in RTC 5.0.1

Karthik Krishnan (8845119163) | asked Dec 04 '14, 11:40 a.m.

In RTC 5.0.1 we have the new & much awaited "Date Added" feature on the Change sets

I understand that the "date created" is the date & time of the creation ofthe Change set and "Date added" is the time when the change set was/is added to the stream 

When I see the history of the component in the Stream, "Date Added" and "Date Created" are the same value (as shown in the screenshot in the release notes)

When I see the history of the component in the Repository workspace, "Date Added" and "Date Created" are different (depending on when the change set was "Delivered")

How should one interpret the "Date Added" column?

Karthik Krishnan commented Dec 05 '14, 10:15 a.m.


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Geoffrey Clemm (30.1k33035) | answered Dec 05 '14, 6:54 p.m.
Normally, you "accept" change sets into a workspace, although you can "deliver" a change set into one of your own workspaces, but whether the change set was added to the workspace by an accept, or added to the workspace by a deliver, or added to the workspace by a "replace", the "Date Added" is, well, the date that the change set was added to that workspace.   Similarly for a stream.  So the Date Added should always be equal to or later than the Date Created (since you cannot add a change set to a workspace/stream until the change set has been created).

So the question back to you is ... are you seeing the date added value for a given change set in a given workspace/stream not being the date when that change set was added to that workspace/stream?   If so, that would be a bug and you should report it (with the steps you can use to reproduce it, so it can be verified that it is a bug, and not pilot error/misunderstanding).
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Robert Wen (690412) | answered Dec 05 '14, 12:00 p.m.

From what I've seen, for a newly-created repository workspace, the Date Added will reflect the date/time of creation.

As you work in your repository workspace, any change sets you create will start with Date Created and Date Added at the same date/time (creation of the change set).  As you make checkins to the change set, Date Created will change to reflect the date/time of the checkin, and Date Added will stay the same.

Hope this helps

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