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Prohibit deletion of important snapshots or find a way to recover deleted snapshots.

jay sander (122) | asked Oct 28 '14, 4:16 a.m.
We identified three alternative ways of how to restrict the ability to delete snapshots

1. Restriction via elaborate permission settings in PA/TAs
2. Restriction via a script which checks a certain patterns in the names of the snapshots. E.g. name contains the  word "release"...
3. Restriction via a script which checks the linkage between a snapshot and a release WI.
Unfortunately none of those methods are sufficient for us.

A.  But now the global configuration comes in. I would like to know whether it is possible to somehow use this to prevent the users from deleting important snapshots?

B. The other thing: there is a
article , which is saying: " Deleting a snapshot only disassociates the snapshot from the currently associated stream or workspace. The deleted snapshots are preserved in the repository." That means there should be a way to find this deleted snapshot and associate it to a stream again? Please let me know how to find the deleted snapshot.

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Geoffrey Clemm (30.1k33035) | answered Oct 31 '14, 12:30 a.m.
On Question A: Global Configurations will not constrain the deletion of referenced configurations from a given Configuration Provider (such as RTC-SCM).   Instead, the reference from the global configuration will "dangle" when the referenced configuration is deleted.

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Ralph Schoon (63.1k33646) | answered Oct 28 '14, 9:39 a.m.
edited Oct 28 '14, 9:40 a.m.
You can restrict deleting snapshots in the permissions. You could allow users to change the snapshot owner to a "garbage stream" and users with special permission delete the snapshots.

In the Eclipse Client there is a capability to search for snapshots and other SCM content. Go to Search>Jazz Source control to use it. There are several parameters such as creator, name etc, you could use.

jay sander commented Oct 30 '14, 6:57 a.m. | edited Oct 30 '14, 6:58 a.m.

Thanks for the fast answer, but I would have maybe also an answer to following questions:

Question A: how to make deletion of Snapshots & Streams depends on the upcoming Global Configurations (GC)

Question B: if the Snapshot is deleted (also disassociated from the Stream), there should be a possibility to find it again (as described in the link), but if I try to search for the deleted SS, then it is no more findable.

Ralph Schoon commented Oct 30 '14, 7:07 a.m.

A: I can't comment on upcoming/planned functionality. However, my assumption is that his will refer to the baselines and not the snapshots. A snapshot is just a convenient way to mark and group the baselines it contains. It creates a baseline if a component is in a state that is not selected by a baseline. It uses the existing baseline if it exists and only creates a new one if you enforce it.

B: If you delete a snapshot it is gone and no longer exists. Searching would not help. Searching would only help if the snapshot has a new owner and you don't know which. What will still remain are the baselines that the snapshot selected. 

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