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How do I designate my default project area?

Kevin Dunphy (1645) | asked Sep 11 '14, 8:49 a.m.
I'm working on a project that has merged with another.  At the moment, my source code is in one Project Area and my work items are in another, so my Eclipse RTC client (v4.2.1) needs both Project Areas connected.

How do I tell my RTC client which project area is the default for searching work items? 

I went to associate a change set with a work item today and it searched the source-code Project Area, not the work-item Project Area.   The quick-search box at the bottom, however, does default to the correct Project Area for work items. 

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Kaushik Bhalerao (611810) | answered Sep 26 '14, 11:52 p.m.
 Hi Kevin,

Logically it should allow you to search and link workitem which is from another PA (but within the same repository)
Fist you need to check 
  1. whether you are member of both project area (I think you are already)
  2. PA should be connected to same repository.
  3. try to link WI from pending changes view>>Changeset>>Related artifacts 
  4. Check the WI level permission in both the PA
  5. FYI, The quick search searches the repository  that is it search all connected PA.
I think this information may give you some help.

Kevin Dunphy commented Sep 29 '14, 8:55 a.m.

Step 3 is the problem...  When I select the changeset and choose Related Artifacts -> Associate Work Item, the selection dialog defaults to the wrong project area.  Since there are no work items in the source-code project area, this list is empty.  I have to select the work-item project area before it will load the selection dialog with my unresolved work items.  Is there any way for it to remember which project area to choose here?

Step 4 -- how do I check work-item level permission in both project areas?   I'm not an administrator at any level, just a developer...

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