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Why are hyperlinks a requirement in RRC/DOORS NG not automatically translated into a "mention" link like in RTC?

Frank Schophuizen (19323226) | asked Aug 12 '14, 7:36 a.m.
When a link is included in a work item (or comments) text, RTC automatically adds a "mentions" relationship in the Links section.
In RRC/DOORS NG, it does not work that way. When adding a link in the text, the Links section remains empty. You can add a relationship in the Links section, but there is no "mentions" relationship available.

Situation where I need this:
I write requirements in the user story form of "As a <role> I want to <action> so that <goal>". The roles are defined as Terms in a glossary. By making the <role> link to the role term in the glossary, a pop-up box appears on hover-over showing the description of the role. Similar to RTC, I want to show the "mentions" relationship between the role and the user story mentioning the role, without the need to (1) add the role has link in the text and (2) add the role as relationship in the Links section.

Does anybody know whether there is an alternative way to achieve this?


Stef van Dijk commented Aug 12 '14, 9:41 a.m.

Hi Frank,

Just so I can be sure I understand your question correctly, can you walk me through the precise steps you use to "make the <role> link to the role term in the glossary" including what version of RRC/DNG you are using?

One possibility is that if you are selecting the term in your document and selecting Add Link, you'll need to make a selection in the "Link type" dropdown near the top of the Create Link dialog. RRC/DNG will only display information in the Links sidebar section for traceable links. By default, "No Traceability Link" is created.

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Kirk Grotjohn (1.2k3) | answered Aug 12 '14, 11:08 a.m.
But if your role is defined as a term, and you create the link using "Lookup Term" in the toolbar (or press Ctl + space while the cursor is in the word), that will automatically create a "Term Reference" trace link.  This will let you open a given role and see all the artifacts that reference it as a term.  
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Stef van Dijk commented Aug 12 '14, 11:27 a.m.

Thanks Kirk. I knew I was missing something. I was looking for Lookup Term, but didn't check the toolbar. I looked in the popup menu, and it's not included there (just Create Term).

Frank Schophuizen commented Aug 13 '14, 7:34 a.m.

Thank for the answer.
I was using the Link button (CTRL-L), not the Lookup Term (CTRL-Space) to create the link.

Still, I am wondering why RRC/DNG does not automatically add a "Mentions" link when adding an ordinary link, and RTC does.

Daniel Moul commented Aug 19 '14, 11:37 a.m.

I opened an enhancement request here:

You are welcome to subscribe yourself and add your comments.

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Kirk Grotjohn (1.2k3) | answered Aug 12 '14, 11:57 a.m.
 Yeah, i was also expecting it to be in the context menu.  I'll open a defect for that (we do have Create Term, so I would expect Lookup Term in the menu).  

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