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If the same iteration is used in multiple test plans then the "iteration" appears for each plan in the Cognos reporting when filtering on Iteration

Michael Haun (4921924) | asked Jul 31 '14, 11:32 a.m.
For example, if I create test plan A and test plan B and give them both the test schedule/iteration of "Flight 3" then when I run a report that uses the Iteration as a prompt filter I see:

This problem extrapolates each time you add a test plan and use the same iteration. Is there a way to make it so "Flight 3" only appears once (only show distinct values)?

My prompt definition in cognos is:

[Execution Result Metrics with Iteration].[Iteration].[Iteration].[Iteration] in (?Prompt_Iteration?)

Michael Haun commented Jul 31 '14, 11:32 a.m.

My image did not appear above.  Posting here:

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Clara Forero (6212) | answered Aug 18 '14, 5:55 p.m.
Hi Michael,

The root issue here is that in the DW (that is used by Cognos reports) each Iteration record corresponds to an iteration linked to a specific test plan.  For instance, there is an iteration S1, that is included in the test schedules of test plan TP1 and test plan TP2; in the DW, there is one record for S1 linked to TP1 and has an ID "1", and there is another record for S1 linked to TP2 and has and ID "2";  when the prompt shows all the available iterations it will show S1 (with ID "1") and S1 (with ID "2"); when one value is selected, the ID is the one expected to be passed to the query ("1" or "2"), that's why it's necessary to show both records in the prompt.


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