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Need help on Importing code from ClearCase to RTC

Girish Pervodi (645) | asked Jul 30 '14, 10:53 p.m.
Hi All

I am using using ClearCase 7.1.2 with UCM and RTC 4.06 (Temp license). My company is migrating from ClearCase to RTC and Currently I am working on CC to RTC migration POC. I would like to import the code with history from ClearCase UCM to RTC 4.6.

From RTC when I am trying to import the ClearCase code with history using ClearCase importer I am getting the below error.

The error below was detected while initializing the Connector algorithm.  The Connector must be properly initialized to function, so further processing is impossible.  Please fix the problem and retry the operation.
CRRTC4061E: The synchronization process cannot be completed. The "cleartool" command completed with a non-zero status or error message:
cleartool describe -fmt %[found_bls]CXp stream:GIS_Migration_Integration@vobuuid:97c64e58.f5ca455d.8978.eb:02:75:1c:15:50
cleartool: Error: Unable to determine absolute pathname for "97c64e58.f5ca455d.8978.eb:02:75:1c:15:50" - Input/output error

current working directory:
command result status: 0
command duration: 225 ms
process environment:

Can some one please help me to resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance,

Geoffrey Clemm commented Jul 31 '14, 12:15 a.m.

You will probably need to work with Rational Support to figure out what's happening.   They will ask for things like the exception stack trace from the error in the Eclipse Error Log view. 

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Dhruv Bansal (171015) | answered Jul 31 '14, 1:54 a.m.
Hi Girish,

From above issue it seems your VOB path is not set or its VOB tag is not there.

You can install CC Synchronizer for migrating data along with all the metadata from CC to RTC and also need to make one CC synchronizer host.

Once you install Scynhronizer go to "CC Synchronizer Installed Directory/cctools/eclipse"

use following commands :-

ccc export ccase -d \\Intermediate Directory path\"" -i "M:\CC view path in case of windows" -F "%Vn,%[activity]p %Cl"

ccc import ccase -d \\Intermediate Directory path\ -s "CC stream" -c <component name>  -r "RTC URL" -u <Username> -p <Passpword>

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