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How can I determine files that are different between a sandbox and workspace?

mark byrd (14712330) | asked Jul 03 '14, 9:42 a.m.
edited Jul 13 '14, 8:11 a.m. by Jennifer Cianchetta-Riordan (2512)
I have one instance of RAD8 with the RTC4 plugin opened on sandbox-A. Sandbox-A is loaded from workspace-A, and workspace-A was loaded from stream-1. I make changes to several files in sandbox-A, and check in all changes to a change set in workspace-A.  

I have another instance of RAD8 with the RTC4 plugin opened on sandbox-B.  Sandbox-b is loaded from workspace-B, and workspace-B was also loaded from stream-1. I know I can drill down into sandbox-B, find the files I changed in sandbox-A, and compare each sandbox-B file to workspace-A.  That will give me a "merge" view with sandbox-B (editable) on left and workspace-A (read-only) on right, with copy change from right to left options. I can then pull desired changes from workspace-B to sandbox-A.  This requires that I know which files were changed in sandbox-A.  

Is there a way to compare an entire application, or folder, in sandbox-B to workspace-A, to get a list of files with differences?

I know this is available with CVS. I can compare an entire application, or folder, in a sandbox to the CVS Head, get a list of files with differences, and step thru the list to get the "merge" view for each file.

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Tim Mok (6.6k38) | answered Jul 03 '14, 9:53 a.m.
You can compare your workspace-B to workspace-A. Select it in Pending Changes and invoke the action Compare With > Another Repository Workspace or Stream action.

Or, it sounds like you want to get changes from it so you might as well change the flow target of workspace-B to workspace-A. However, you cannot accept part of a change set but you will be able to create a patch from the change set and apply only the parts you need.
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mark byrd commented Jul 03 '14, 10:36 a.m.

The workspace to workspace compare provides the differences but, as you noted, both sides are read-only so I cannot pull the changes.

I will have to read up on patches before I understand the other part of your answer. 


mark byrd commented Jul 03 '14, 11:15 a.m.

I read up on patches, experimented with them, and that approach does exactly what I want. Thank you very much.

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Jennifer Cianchetta-Riordan (2512) | answered Jul 13 '14, 8:10 a.m.
Here is the documentation topic on comparing baselines:

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