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When to implement OSLC Consumer and OSLC Provider ?

Rajkumar Mundel (611) | asked Jun 20 '14, 4:32 a.m.

I want to know One thing from Forum member friends...

When to implement OSLC Consumer and OSLC Provider ?

My understanding

  1. OSLC Consumer - If any tool is OSLC compliance(Example - All IBM Rational Tool ), we will consume those service through Independent Webapp applciation or Java Client
  2. OSLC Provider - If any tool is NOT OSLC compliance ( Example - Redmine ), we will implement OSLC provider which will help the tool to expose the services. How tool will expose the service, i have no idea.

I am getting confused when to implement consumer and producer :P .

Cheers! Mundel

One answer

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Sudarshan Rao (1963) | answered Jun 20 '14, 6:33 a.m.
Let's take an example, that'll probably help:

Let's assume you have an in-house ticket tracking system (let's call it SystemA) and you are being tasked with integrating this system with Rational Team Concert. What you'd do then is, write some code to have ability to create a link to WI in RTC, from within SystemA.
In this case, SystemA is consuming one of the OSLC Service from RTC. And RTC is the provider in this use case.

Now, if you need the linking ability other way round - from within RTC you should able to link to a ticket in SystemA, then SystemA will be the provider and RTC consumer.
To make SystemA the provider, you'll need to provide similar services. Now what functionality these services should do, you would need to refer to OSLC specs. It will also depend on what kind of application SystemA is (is it CM, QM, RM, AM etc). 
There are some good resources (like sample providers, java toolkit etc) in the same site -

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