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End of line delimiter issue after ClearCase synchronization

Stephane Couillaud (15632545) | asked Jun 10 '14, 8:31 p.m.
 We're having an issue importing files from a Linux VOB to RTC where we want to preserve a mix of end of line delimiters (i.e. LF & CR/LF).  Here's what we've done:
  1. We configured a project area Proj1 and the ClearCase importer as outlined in a previous post: 
  2. We imported files into component Comp1 on stream Stream1, all located in project area Proj1.  When we checked a set of files that originally had LF as Line Delimiter in the VOB, those were now showing as Platform end of line delimiter instead of LF.  
  3. We found out that Comp1 was actually owned by a second project area Proj2 where the project area end of line delimiter handling was set to Default. So we changed ownership of Comp1 from Proj2 to Proj1 (where project area end of line delimiter handling is set to NONE) and reimported the exact same files on a different stream called Stream2.
  4. When we checked the end of line delimiters for these files we found them to be platform again.
The problem is probably due to the first import where those files were imported with the wrong end of line delimiter. Now we know we can change the end of line delimiter manually after the fact by changing the properties in RTC from Platform to LF. But assuming we have configured everything correctly for the 2nd import, is it possible to reimport those files in the same component but on a different stream and correct the end of line delimiter?  Or is the fact that the files were already imported once, on another stream, and that a unique UUID for these files already exists makes this impossible?

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Geoffrey Clemm (30.1k33035) | answered Jun 10 '14, 9:40 p.m.
The line ending is set by the importer only on the first time that ClearCase element is imported into the repository (in any stream).    The motivation for this design is that it was believed better to fix line endings in the same stream in which the mistake occurred (using standard RTC commands), rather than in a parallel stream created by the Synchronizer, which would then need to be "merged" into the stream with the wrong endings.

BTW: Was there a problem using either the RTC command line or the Eclipse client to perform this change?

Stephane Couillaud commented Jun 11 '14, 11:16 a.m.

We could do it using the command line or the Eclipse client but it would be too easy for us to miss some files as the files (there are 1000s of them in no clear logical location) are scattered throughout 22 components. We did our import on one CCM server however we have a second CCM server connected to that same JTS. Would a second import on the second CCM server create unique components and therefore unique files for our imports? We are currently doing this exercise in a test environment. At least it's not production yet. 

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