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Custom attributes displayed in random order

Alex Feinberg (2652) | asked Apr 16 '09, 10:16 a.m.
I have created a couple of new work item types for which I have defined custom attributes. When I create a new work item of one of these types from my RTC Eclipse plug-in in RSA, I get a Custom tab which displays my custom attributes, but they are displayed in what appears to be a random order. It is not alphabetical order, it is not the order in which I created them and it is not the order in which they appear in the Project Area editor. There are no "Move Up/Down" buttons next to the Custom Attributes dialog either. Is there any way to specify the order in which custom attributes are to be displayed.
Alex Feinberg

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Alex Feinberg (2652) | answered Apr 20 '09, 9:05 a.m.
The solution is to create an Editor Presentation, which allows the attributes to be put in the desired sequence.

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