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Word Importer - Importing steps from a list in a table

Piotr Pawlowski (1223) | asked Jun 02 '14, 7:48 a.m.

I am trying to import tests scripts to RQM using the Word Importer.
The problem I've got is that each script has got it's steps stored in a table and a list is used to distinguish between descriptive step and expected result. There is also some additional script information outside of the table in a list format:

2.1. Test name
2.2 test description
(2D table with 1st row being "Test Steps" and second row being a list of steps)
Test Steps                                      |
1. Step 1                                        |
      1.1 Step description                 |
      1.2 expected result                  |
2. Step 2                                        |
      2.1 step description                 |
      2.2 expected result                  |
and so on....                                   |

what is the syntax of the configuration file to handle this situation?
I have tried this but it was putting all in one step:
testscript.steps.title=Table("Test Steps").A1

tried this:
testscript.steps.description=Table("Test Steps").A2 & List("*.1")
testscript.steps.expectedResult=Table("Test Steps").A2 & List("*.2")
and this:
testscript.steps.description=Table("Test Steps").A2.List("*.1")
and this:
testscript.steps.description=List("*.1").Table("Test Steps").A2
and it doesn't do the trick.

Please help

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Donald Nong (14.5k614) | answered Jun 03 '14, 12:37 a.m.
I'm not positive that you can do it this way - RQM Word Importer appears to process the top level outline only. In other words, you cannot have list-in-table or table-in-table.
Also note that in your first approach, if it does pick up the list-in-table, it will not produce the result you want since the pattern matches three lines, not one.
2.1. Test name
      1.1 Step description                 |
      2.1 step description                 |
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Piotr Pawlowski (1223) | answered Jun 03 '14, 3:38 a.m.
You are right, I missed that. I've done a workaround using 1 row per step and it works fine, except that for the very first script it creates first row from the table title as well. Anyways thanks for your answer.

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