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RTC promotion approach and documentation

Michael Taylor (8865661) | asked Apr 17 '14, 6:14 p.m.

Is there some good documentation for reference that explains how RTC approaches promotion, what the purpose is, and what the promotion accomplishes?  I've looked at the RTC help on promotion but it didn't connect all the dots for me.  I see that RTC can promote work items and components.

It also seems that promotions are requested somewhat independently.  Is it possible to promote a  set of Work Items based on the State and to have the State automatically change based on a successful promotion?  Can this be done via the GUI and command line?


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Stephane Leroy (1.4k149) | answered May 09 '14, 10:12 a.m.
Hi Michael,

I advise you to check the EEBAW (Enterprise Build Administration workshop):
It encompasses a big chunk of what's needed for booting up in the area.

From your description, it's not totally clear to me what you're trying to achieve. It seems like this would require some customization (through extensibility code). It has a dev/maintenance cost. You would first make sure you're not over-automating something that could be easily tracked / operated through some OOTB capabilities (dashboard capturing certain states of WI, etc.)....


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Don Yang (7.6k2197133) | answered Apr 18 '14, 2:49 a.m.
Some documents other than Help may help you to start with:

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