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Enable CLM help-server to preferences Help/Contents

Doreen Engling (53132) | asked Apr 04 '14, 8:07 a.m.

we would add in our eclipse application the appropriate help pages of RTC, but it seems it doesn't work only by changing the plugin_customization.ini

What I did: launch the application and add the help server manually whithin preferences/help/content - export the prefs into a new.epf, compared it with the former one and extract the differences -> added appropriate entries into the plugin_customization.ini

  1. Help-Server CLM 4.0.5 CLM 4.0.5


  • RTC Help Pages were not available on Help/Content at launching
  • help-server was not set as default in the table of Preferences/Help/Content, only by click on the "Restore Default" button below, the server was bind. And then the Rational entries are shown on Help/Content and also the link "What's new in Rational Team Concert 4.0.6" was working fine on the welcome page.

Maybe there is something elso to do?, e.g. extension point or ....which enables the URL to the CLM help server within the pref-page from the start on? THX

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Chris Austin (3612) | answered Apr 07 '14, 12:18 p.m.
 From your description, I can't tell if you are trying to add help preferences to a plain Eclipse shell, or to an RTC instance.

If this is plain Eclipse, one thing you might try as a test is to copy the plugin_customization.ini file to a location outside of your plugin, and then run your eclipse shell as eclipse -pluginCustomization <path to file> and see if the Help preferences are correct.  If this works, its possible you have these preferences in a plugin_customization.ini file that is not being read on startup (maybe there is another plugin_customization.ini read elsewhere)

If this is RTC, then you can try adding an Enterprise Help URL to the product by modifying the config.ini file properties to contain:

Alternatively, if you can't get this to work as expected, it is possible to set these values using the Eclipse Preference APIs at runtime.
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Doreen Engling commented Apr 11 '14, 10:46 a.m.

Hi Chris, thanks a lot for your helpful answer :-)

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Lawrence Smith (3764) | answered Sep 26 '19, 3:20 p.m.

On the server, I searched my server for and found that it is referenced by \server\liberty\servers\clm\workarea\org.eclipse.osgi\90\data\temp\default_node\SMF_WebContainer\clmhelp\clmhelp\eclipse\plugins\
plugin_customization.ini for the Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management

The folder number 90 is not significant.
Editing (and replacing) the file in the jar to change the remoteHelpOn=false will turn off the remote help.

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